Our Flight Was Canceled! Lima, Peru to Toronto, Canada travel vlog

Our flight was canceled from Lima, Peru to Toronto, Canada. In this travel vlog we highlight the entire experience of having our flight canceled, how we stayed an extra night in Lima and how we finally were able to fly back home to Canada. We start things off by showing you a tour of our apartment in Lima, Peru before hopping on a bus bound for the airport. At the airport we have one last meal at Tanta restaurant before boarding our flight bound for Toronto. Once on the plane there are some problems with the aircraft and after trying to fix those for a couple of hours we’re scheduled for a flight the following evening. We end up staying at a hotel in Lima to catch up on sleep and enjoy a few nice complimentary buffet meals together. Once back at the airport we have a final meal at Tanta before flying back home to Toronto from Lima with Air Canada.

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Our Flight Was Canceled! Lima, Peru to Toronto, Canada travel vlog Video Transcript:

This is part of our Travel in Peru video series showcasing Peruvian food, Peruvian culture and Peruvian cuisine.

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10 Replies to “Our Flight Was Canceled! Lima, Peru to Toronto, Canada travel vlog

  1. Nice to see Togo in the vlog again, its always great to see him giving you guys a warm welcome home, love that guy haha!

  2. Loved this vlog guys!!!! It was really nice to have a little peek into your lives!! You two make a great couple👍 Love your journey. Hope your bruises went down ok Audrey😲 Love Adam and Corinne🙂🙂

  3. My husband and I went to Chile and Peru last year which included a trip to Cusco and Machu Picchu. But we really loved Lima and would back in a heartbeat! We had similar departure problems which are never fun.

  4. Same!! I’m from Peru but I live in Canada, and every time I visit Peru I feel sick, my throat hurts almost everyday. I guess I’m now adjust to the Canadian weather

  5. Food looks amazing! Wish I can just snap my fingers and go to Lima for a few hours and eat some of that food!

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